Women In Construction: Executive Assistant to the President Angie

Continuing our Women in Construction Week theme, meet Angie – Executive Assistant to the President (Mike Freeman). Angie has been with the company for three years. She says Steele & Freeman has been one of her most favorite jobs of her career. She is a busy mom of five and she says her favorite of our 23 Fundamentals is #9, Family is Everything. She likes the way Mike encourages staff to never miss an important moment with family. Though her responsibilities are always evolving – one thing stays the same…she gets things done! She enjoys having a “front row seat” watching projects go from concept to completion. Her favorite time of the day is Cuban Coffee Time AKA 2PM when she brews up an especially potent concoction of sugar and coffee to get everyone energized for the last part of the day. (We think that is also a lot of other people’s favorite time of the day well!!) If you are nice to Angie, she might you up a batch of her beef empanadas or guava pastries. #wicweek2020